Les plans de communication a Lyon
Les tartiflettes à Lyon. Le plein de reblochon

Tartiflette i Lyon. Tank up Reblochon

Reblochon, Savoy and eating!


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It's December, it's cold outside and everybody wants to warm up! It's time for Tartiflette! Yes!! This isn't about communication or design anymore.. but french speciality, stinky and full of cheese! Love it

If there is something I love to do, it's cooking! I think it's not that different from everything that could be described as creative work. One can think a long time before actually realising some dishes...

But here, it's just a simple Tartiflette, it's really easy. The only hard operation is to find a nice Reblochon (the cheese)

Here I come!


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- tartiflette

13 December 2010

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