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Logiciel en ligne de gestion de ventes aux enchères

web application for an auction


In a few days, one of my clients will be directing an auction. Not an on-line one, but a real one, with real people on front of them. In these particular conditions, I had to design this application for being used easily and very fast.

It is in this state of mind that I developed this application. A lot of Ajax technology for being able to update datas without leaving/reloading the page, an fast linking procedure between the clients and the different traded objects. An easy invoicing and payment verification procedure.

How does it works ?

  • Several separated auctions
    • different objects
    • different serial number
    • Same clients
  • An Excel importation for the client et object list
  • A serial number :
    • One client can have several serial number
    • One serial number for one object
  • Invoice system that automatically links client and objects based on the serial number
    • Creation of pdf invoicing files
    • Trade history for each client (selling and buying)
  • Payment verification
    • For each invoice, it is possible to bind one or more payements


Exemple d'historique d'achats pour une vente, pour un client.


Logiciel de gestion ventes aux enchères

30 October 2012

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