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Mutuelles Santé Plus - poster - Project Management

Project Management

Since the 20. September has been launched the new communication campaign at "Mutuelles Santé Plus". It means I have the right now to show you one of my projects here, at Mutuelles Santé Plus.

If this pictures doesn't look like a lot of work, the creation of it is quite interesting. We needed to put back the human as a main part of this new communication campaign. The years before, less humans where used and more cartoons/mascots were visible, forgetting the humans...

This is why I made some proposition in this direction. But the problem we then had, was about the licence's prices on Fotolia and Consort.. (Like 5 000 euros per year). So we decided to employ a Photograph to take our own pictures. We chose Thomas Carrage who realised the picture you can see.


I then just had to do some modification on the file, and to do the layout, and everything was fine. The interesting thing here on this project for me, was that I managed everything from A to Z, including the creation process and the budgets... It was project management the way I love it!

22 September 2010

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