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Safe Mag

Safe Mag

when students are messing in a project!


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Here comes our famous magazine on which we all worked very hard at the university.

It looks like a 20 pages publication (yes, we had other projects in the meantime) treating various cultural subjects.

I have been in charge of the graphic part, ass well as writing one article. All the graphical choices has been made by the group, I have been the one realising them. Some texts on the pictures are not final.

I used Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign (the killer trio!). I'll maybe later post some low quality of the pdf. For the moment, you'll only see some pages...


- safe-mag-indesign-01


- safe-mag-indesign-02


- safe-mag-indesign-03


- safe-mag-indesign-04


- safe-mag-indesign-05

13 December 2009

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