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Pata Corleone

Patapouf as a mafiosi

In my constellation, there is one particulary sympatic beast. It's nale is Pata, a little creature with tiny legs, a big belly, a little tail, and without any neck..

But despite it all, he is (and might ever be) one of the cutest little things out there...

Put him some clothes on, and he could get a real mafiosi charm...


Dessin de patapouf et sa chemise ! Et ses mocassins !

9 April 2013

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Besoin de tendresse et de vacances

Need some cuddles and hollidays ?

Just take your patapouf to the beach !

Just my sunday fun.. A little drawing.. There is no need for further explanations :)


Une petite bestiole à la plage !! Rrrraou

22 April 2012

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Un pingouin perdu dans la vie

A pinguin lost in his life

It's the story about...

It is a story about a pingouin who was lost in his own life.. Short sketch to illustrate this little story.

This pinguin, who was bored of his freezing country, decided to build a baloon to leave the cold... He got back on the ground and was completely lost.. He just found a little funny animal making some weird "piti piti piti" when running around.. Who could that little fellow be ?


un pinguin perdu dans le grand inconnu...

20 April 2012

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Vous avez peur des zombies?

Afraid of zombies ?

I'm not !

Juste a little sketch on photoshop. I know I'm a little late, because halloween was more than a week ago! But.. yeaah GROAAAAAR




Un petit zombie, viendra te croquer cette nuit

7 November 2011

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Shanghai free for ride - la ville au 1000 curbs

Shanghai free for ride - the city with 1000 curbs

A marble city, without any caps on the rider's spots

One thing chocked me here, and inspired me for this work

The thing that chocked me is the fact that there is no skater (although Shanghai got the biggest skatepark in the world) and the abundance of skatable spots! A lot of curbs without any caps, stairs with great landing zones. Everything is in marble, and I never saw a single caps -you know, these little metal junk pieces used to block every street spot the way we cannot destroy anything anymore?- The riders will appreciate this..

That's why I designed this picture


Affiche "free for ride", représentant la liberté pour le ride à Shanghai... Pas un caps sur les spots, du marbre bien lisse partout, des bons sols...

Logo created with Illustrator, picture shot with my alpha 900/zeiss lens combo, and modified helping Photoshop

25 September 2011

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